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Customer Engagement : Employee Engagement

Some fab data in from eMarketer/Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG) over at Mashable on Social Media Marketing and the benefits thereof. Customer engagement and customer comms comes tops. Be really useful to see how this compares within the firewall, especially with employee engagement and internal comms.

Scotland joins the Interweb, Obama Tweets

Following on from John Cleese and Twitter, the judge’s decision turned out not to be final and he’s moved the man to the number 2 spot. The reason being the UK is not a country but a combo. As I recall it’s actually the UK of GB and NI, so if they’d started with GB they would be OK.

But as it happen’d the 14 yr old judge didn’t so the Scots Nationalists kicked up and now Mashable is the No. 1 in Scotland. Kid Tech Guru is reported as telling Mashable that he didn’t expect a Spanish Inquisition…  

Over in America everyone is following Obama’s Tweets, in Poland it’s AndyBeard while in Japan, it’s Weird News. Funny old world, the interweb.

John Cleese gets Mashed

Over at Mashable they’re exultant to be causing consternation for Sir John Cleese (have they knighted him yet?) Apparently he’s the Number 3 Twitterer in the UK with Stephen Fry in the lead. Mashable take the number 2 spot.

What bemused me most, was one of the commentators quickly claiming that Cleese had ‘pulled a Kanye West’ by paraphrasing a Tweet made by a fake Kanye West of one Stephen Colbert. 

Confused, I most certainly am…who needs simulacra when this is cracking off?

Update: what’s even more disturbing is Cleese’s web site – Headcast. He’s charging $1 a pop for video downloads. There must be some mileage in making notes on Celeb websites, there really must…

NY Times Widget

How lucky are the Americans, as Mashable’s Jennifer Van Grove explains that the NY Times now features a DIY widget for pulling their RSS feeds into Netvibes, iGoogle, or blogs such as this. A tad cool methinks so I wandered over to The Thunderer’s site and did a quick Google on what they have to offer in that line. Not a lot is the answer.

I guess I’ll have to see if the NY Times can show the weather for west London for me…