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48% of CEOs but only 24% of CIOs

I quite like the collection of number comparisons from MIT: Social Business by the Numbers. Some amusing comparisons – such as only 3% of companies are fully networked and yet the potential gains are McKinsey’s $1.3 Trillion. I wonder who are those 3% and just how networked they really are – well OK I know who they probably are and would question how much they really are…

Best stat comparison is between CEOs and CIOs. 48% of CEOs think social media is important or somewhat important to their business, whereas only half of CIOs think the same. This actually begs a lot of questions.


1) What do the other 52% and 76% think?


2) What would the ratio be if social media was replaced by the term social business or Enterprise 2.0 (we still have that naming thing)


3) Are they right?!

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Hi Patrick – I seem to remember this being stated out but can’t find where. I thought the data was very robustly put together and researched thoroughly, a lot more so in fact than other forrays into this field.


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