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NY Times Widget

How lucky are the Americans, as Mashable’s Jennifer Van Grove explains that the NY Times now features a DIY widget for pulling their RSS feeds into Netvibes, iGoogle, or blogs such as this. A tad cool methinks so I wandered over to The Thunderer’s site and did a quick Google on what they have to offer in that line. Not a lot is the answer.

I guess I’ll have to see if the NY Times can show the weather for west London for me…

Facebook Republican Army Surrenders

After a concerted tabloid frenzy the supposed leader of the Facebook Republican Army Steve O’Brien has told The Times it’s a big hoax after all.

Well only after Sky News (who also happen to own The Times), had syndicated it to FoxNews. Who it turns out are in turn owned by the company that owns them all too, the News Corporation. All too confusing for a bear of this little brains, but it might explain why they weren’t the MySpace Republican Army, as of course the NewsCorp owns them too.

Makes one wonder though, why the journos didn’t just go onto Facebook and ask a few questions. But I suspect lurid tales of ne’re do wells up to mischief on the family washing machine pays the bills…