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Social Intranets, the Intranets’ Social future

Two interesting mirror discussions on the future of the intranet from the IBF’s Intranet Life blog and over at LinkedIn in the Melcrum group section. Both about the future of the intranet. Melcrum as whether social media will kill the intranet. The IBF about will the Intranet destroy the .com.

All in all I think both sets of discussions point out how much the .com, the intranet and social media, will all be impacted by changes in their own technology and usage and by wider market/political changes.
On the latter, one of the areas I’ve started to ponder about is this – if new more socially enabled intranets or ‘Social Intranet’ allow collaboration across enterprises they will in also allow them between enterprise opening up the way for cross-company collaborations of an unplanned form. As most businesses have a very definite set of their own boundaries, this might either transform (positive) or undermine (negative) this sense of uniformity.
Whither the intranet in this world if collaboration is taking place between 2 separate intranets, connected by social, media? Could this create a tension on the nature of the enterprise itself, a new social mode of production?

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Test Poll – getting ready for Twitter Top 10 Votes

In readyness for the new Internal Comms Top 10 must follow list I’m testing out polls – here’s one to try. The question is:

“If you were marooned on a desert island and could choose just one type of bean to have there, which one would it be?”

[poll id=”2″]

Enterprise 2.0 Featured Articles

Twitter Internal Comms Top 10: NEW!!?

This blog has been a tad quite of late as I’ve been busy building social networks out of raw slabs of php (well OK, out of Elgg and WordPress Multi User + BuddyPress), but it’s now time to kick-start it back into action. And what better way that to relaunch the Twitter Internal Comms Top 10 the 10 people IC professionals should follow on Twitter? It’s probably out of date as interests and focus changes and of course there’s lot more fab IC people on Twitter now compared to 6 months ago or so when I started.

To get it right thtis time, or at least a bit better, I need help, your help. What I’d like feedback on is how to do it… should it be democratic with a poll, Survey Monkey and the like? If so, how, which etc? Or could it be done with raw data – is there a metric I could use to decide and select?

And the big question – who do you think should be in the Top 10 in your judgement? My original criteria was based on interesting to follow, relevant points, known in the field etc., I’ve had some feedback that we need more vim and rigour here – so here’s your chance!

You can let me know either via the blog feedback on on Twitter (and if you want to send in private and I’m not following you, send me a note and I’ll follow you).