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Social Business Scorecard Presentation

A development of my ideas in presentation format. This was a really useful exercise and it has helped me draw out some of the ideas and to identify areas to work on and  make more robust. The project is one I’d like to make concrete, working with a team to solidify the ideas and to ground them in standard business practice. Areas that need developing are legion but there needs to be more work on the external / marketing aspects to draw the elements together.

Enterprise 2.0

CiscoCast: Executive Messaging in Cisco EMEA

How Content Networking Delivers Executive Messaging in Europe – CiscoCast. Just some links to PDFs of content for future reference. CiscoCast was a project I worked on for a number of years and used BackWeb and then latterly Skinkers technology to push targeted rich media video messages to users’ desktops across EMEA. It was a very powerful tool for delivering video messages from Cisco executives to the Cisco EMEA employee base.

Cisco_IT_Case_Study_ACNS_EMEA_print Presentation (0.7MB PDF)

Cisco_IT_Case_Study_ACNS_EMEA_Summary Summary (0.2MB PDF)

Cisco_IT_Case_Study_ACNS_EMEA Case Study (0.4MB PDF)

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Increasing WordPress xml size

Just a quick post on how to increase the size of the WordPress xml file used in a restore. This is done via Tools > Import and the maximum xml size for a WordPress xml restore is around 2MB. So how to increase the maximum WordPress xml file size?

It’s quite easy but took a few goes to get it right – so here’s a cheat sheet to make it easier fo you.

1) Create a text file with your favourite simple text editor – Notepad ++ for the PC and TextWrangler for the Mac are my free favourites. Save it as php.ini

2) Add the following text:

upload_max_filesize = 20M
post_max_size = 10M

3) The 10M refers to to the maximum size you can post – make it bigger if you need to.

3) FTP the php.ini file to the root of your WordPress installation (so it sits alongside wp-config.php).

4) That’s it – the php.ini should have changed the upload WordPress XML size and it should now be increased to 10MB.

5) Here’s the SSH instructions for the php.ini

6) Import WordPress XML file as per normal

Hope it helped!


Site migration

Site migration in progress – DNS just updated