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Yammer away, but what about Infosec?

yammer_logoThis looks a lot of fun and potential rich uses within the coporation – a Twitter like tool for internal comms called Yammer –

The big concern has to be security! Many years ago on a project, I looked at SaaS for internal comms and in one instance we thought a hole might be needed to be made in the Firewall to get the data through, which was a big no-no. Luckily we got round this with https and a lot of converations with the vendor and the security guys.

This service looks like it relies on purely text data being added to the system, but how to ensure that users don’t do anything silly or that the data is encypted?

My motto here is simple – can it be trusted with bank account data? If not, tread with care: I can see enthusiasts jumping in and ruing their acts later…

Communications Enterprise 2.0

Scotland joins the Interweb, Obama Tweets

Following on from John Cleese and Twitter, the judge’s decision turned out not to be final and he’s moved the man to the number 2 spot. The reason being the UK is not a country but a combo. As I recall it’s actually the UK of GB and NI, so if they’d started with GB they would be OK.

But as it happen’d the 14 yr old judge didn’t so the Scots Nationalists kicked up and now Mashable is the No. 1 in Scotland. Kid Tech Guru is reported as telling Mashable that he didn’t expect a Spanish Inquisition…  

Over in America everyone is following Obama’s Tweets, in Poland it’s AndyBeard while in Japan, it’s Weird News. Funny old world, the interweb.

Communications Enterprise 2.0

Dell’s $1M Twitter have a nice little piece on Twitter’s potential power What Keeps Twitter Chirping Along that’s attracted the attention of VentureBeat: Twitter has made Dell $1 million in revenue. The peep is this quote:

some businesses have discovered that Twitter is an effective way of communicating with consumers. Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) says Twitter has produced $1 million in revenue over the past year and a half through sale alerts. People who sign up to follow Dell on Twitter receive messages when discounted products are available the company’s Home Outlet Store.  

VentureBeat speculates on Twitter’s business model and possible premium accounts in the future. Over at Mashable they’re less convinced: Twitter May Have Made Dell a Million, it Doesn’t Mean it Can Be (Easily) Monetized. For Mashable’s Stan Schroeder the problem is keeping the shabang tweeting while delivering potential high value ads. I think there’s a bigger problem and that’s that to be effective it’s bloody annoying.

Go back to the Internetnews piece and there’s plenty of quotes from people saying how much it annoys them. Their journo David Miller even recommends Googling “I hate Twitter” which is worth the sport. He also quotes’s Trisha Creekmore as saying “I find Twitter incredibly annoying, both as a user and bystander…” which I must admit I can sympathise with, especially in twhirl form.

twhirl makes me jump. It pops up and surprises me. Which is all sad justice as I used to torment an entire theatre of sales guys with an even more annoying rich media pop-up device a few years back. But at least we didn’t send them John Cleese, but maybe we should have done.

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John Cleese gets Mashed

Over at Mashable they’re exultant to be causing consternation for Sir John Cleese (have they knighted him yet?) Apparently he’s the Number 3 Twitterer in the UK with Stephen Fry in the lead. Mashable take the number 2 spot.

What bemused me most, was one of the commentators quickly claiming that Cleese had ‘pulled a Kanye West’ by paraphrasing a Tweet made by a fake Kanye West of one Stephen Colbert. 

Confused, I most certainly am…who needs simulacra when this is cracking off?

Update: what’s even more disturbing is Cleese’s web site – Headcast. He’s charging $1 a pop for video downloads. There must be some mileage in making notes on Celeb websites, there really must…