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Geoffrey Moore on Systems of Engagement

Hard-hitting analysis and recommendations from Geoffrey Moore on the transformations taking place in IT and the move toward systems of engagement. I remember seeing a video he did for Cisco a while back where he described the whoosh sound heard in the early days of the internet when the mass of business people realised how important the technology was and how the internet was not about to disappear, but was actually vital for their business. He then described the send whoosh when the same realisation happens with all things 2.0 and social. I think we’re at the start of that whoosh here in the UK. A nation of laggards maybe…

Systems of Engagement and The Future of Enterprise IT: A Sea Change in Enterprise IT AIIM (PDF)

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As Sally points out the UK are trying to catch up fast but they are so far behind it will certainly take some time. There are positive moves in the right direction though so here’s hoping!

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