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Old School Google

I really like this ‘Old School Google’ sketch.
It produces a small smile as we realise that just a short while ago, this was how it used to be. Getting information was time-consuming, slow and expensive. It took physical trips to the library, hand written or mechanically typed letters to get information and lots of lots of patience. We (of a certain age) look back with some sense of incredulity, yes it did used to be like that.
I wonder how long it will take for the current paradigm of business interaction, i.e.s the e-mail, the hefty attachment and the video-less phone will look so clunky, primitive and just so old-fashioned. Given the rate of technological acceleration coupled with business’ inevitable tendency to move forward with caution, I’d say 5 years. And by that I’m talking about the sense of looking back and the kindred nostalgia generated by the hand-written memo, the literal carbon copy, or the carefully scribbled overhead projection sheet made from acetate and felt pens…

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