Enterprise 2.0

Has Enterprise 2.0 ever gone really badly wrong?

I liked Dion Hinchcliffe’s response to Andrew McAfee ‘s prognosis of revolutionaries in the body politic of the corporation. Dion urges caution arguing that:

Nevertheless there are control issues that can emerge as departmental, project, and organizational barriers intentionally become more porous, information flows increase, and control can be accidentally or intentionally usurped — for better or worse — by whomever is willing to work together and collaborate.
Going beyond the hype: Identifying Enterprise 2.0 best practices

This has got me wondering. Are there any nightmare, absolutely lost control again scenarios of Enterprise 2.0 going seriously wrong? I can think of plenty of social media marketing type ones, plenty of corporate own goals and disasters there. But E 2.0 – what’s the worst it has ever got?