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Gartner Magic Quadrant; a dark horse closing up the outside fence…

Gartner Magic Quadrant: Social Software

Just been reading the Gartner Magic Quadrant: Social Software. Jive ¬†come out as the clear leaders, closely followed by IBM and Microsoft (the latter featuring better on ability to execute). Other notables – Drupal, Telligent, SocialText and blueKiwi jostle with Google for the Visionary space. Gartner wonder if Google’s move into the enterprise is opportunistic. I think it’s strategic. Open Text and Atlassian feature as Challengers.

I think the horse racing up the outside fence as they close into the paddock will be Thought Farmer. Their biggest weakness is the fact they don’t have any big customers, a fact that their alliance with the Dachis group is bound to change! I enjoyed their latest blog too The Problem of the Intranet – so much so I actually read it on my iPod Touch! Touche to the Canadians!

n.b…Hmm, I wonder where WordPress will feature in future Magic Quadrants?

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Drupal vs WPMU + BuddyPress + bbpress

2 great projects underway at my web design and social network company West London Web. One is for a client to build a social network site using Drupal, which as it’s under NDA is all I can say at the moment. The 2nd is more a personal project to get WordPress Multi-User (WPMU) with BuddyPress and bbpress installed. I have an aim in mind for this but that too is a little under wraps at present, though those that know me might guess what it is ūüėČ

What I’m interested in doing is really comparing the 2 platforms/apps. Drupal is to my mind the more industrial of the two and certainly the only one that offers the sort of robust customisation we need for Project One. WordPress is the one I’m most familiar with though and the one I’m most fond of.

Getting all the integration with WPMU is proving a headache. I can get WPMU working with BuddyPress, but getting the forum powered by bbpress working is a ‘mare. Diligently following the instructions at bbpress forums¬†and it all goes well until the last synch up with the WPMU bbpress plug-in. I add the code and all the accounts get mangled. Time for install number 391 to see if I can get over that final hurdle…

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My “last to leave a burning blog”, WP plugin list

Best plug in list? There’s been a few of these plugin recommendation lists over the years. I started off a friend’s photo-rich blog with with one provided by Aaron Brazell at Technosailor with a whole lotta photography ones – WordPress Plugin Pack: Photography. It provided a very good start too.

On this blog of late though, I’ve been having issues and the whole WordPress shabang grinding to a halt and booting me out at regular intervals. I suspect, in fact I strongly suspect it’s a plugin issue. So what I’ve done is I’ve stripped my installation right down¬†to the bare essentials¬†(not a pretty sight). This has left me with a core list of WP plugins I’d rather not do without. This I thought might be useful info to share, so here goes.

If my blog caught fire, here’s my “last to leave the burning blog plugin list” (can you hear the sirens?)…

Askimet – OK it doesn’t catch all spam, but it snaffles enough to give it house room and causes no problems.

All in one SEO pack – provides a neat way to add all the search guff (not that it helps with a duffer’s blog, but hey ho, one lives in hope and traffic is indeed increasing)

Audit Trail – this one is industrial knicker elastic and saves bacon. It backs up and makes revs of individual posts so if you make a mistake it can restore to last copy. essential.

Enforce Preference – I keep this one as I had an argument with a pal once about whether ‘www’ was needed and this enforces the preference either way.

Feedsmith Burner – this was nearly thrown out but I think I still need it to sort out the mess made by Google when they acquired Feedburner

Google XML Sitemaps makes a site map, in XML, for Google. Nuff said.

No Self Pings¬†– this stops me having to approve my own comments if I cite my own blog. Handy. ¬†(No I’m not that vain, it’s handy).

Robots Meta Рchats up bots

SEO Slugs -sorts out some SEO items

SI CAPTCHA¬†– Adds a fuzzy letter question to a blog entry submit. A follower on Twitter says this doesn’t work. When it doesn’t, I’ll replace it. Stats¬†– essential stats plugin. I’ve added others that are much more sophisticated, this one I’ve kept.

WP Calais Auto Tagger¬†– I’m still suspicious of this one, but I buy into the Calais project. I need to re-check Tagaroo.

WP tags to Technorati Рthere were delays with my blog updates being seen in Technorati, despite pings. This seems to have fixed it.

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Benefits of Open Source

Whilst I’m by no means a techie, I do enjoy delving a little deeper than maybe most and so I’ve spent a good part of yesterday setting up some new server space with This has meant registering a new .com (more of which later, perhaps) and setting up the server space. I’ve a hosted copy of WordPress¬†(2.6.5) installed and also image libraries from Gallery and Coppermine. There’s also Joomla running too. Not bad work for a tyro like me.¬†

Next hurdle is getting the server space to point to WordPress as the homepage. I’ve looked at the Manuel on.htaccess¬†¬†and it doesn’t seem to match what I’m seeing in my directories, plus I’ve no idea how to provide write permissions. A bit more work needed to get this going, or nip round to tech support¬†a friend round the corner, with the issues.

Overall I’m more than pleased with the progress so far and feel very grateful for all the hard work that the Open Source guys have done to provide so much freely available software. A big thanks from me there. There’s a lot more flexibility and options available to me now. Onwards and upwards…