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UBM Case Study shows cash benefits of social media

Great case study on UBM – United Business Media from Forrester on UBM’s use of Enterprise Social media / Social Business software: Case Study: United Business Media Taps Social Computing To Boost Collaboration And Savings

UBM use Jive SBS as their social media platform and after a couple of roadbumps demonstrated tangible hard cash benefits of social media and of employee satisfaction. In the latter the site has become the de facto place to find information:

Today the UBM community directory is the best and most up-to-date central source of information available to employees within the disparate operating companies and is widely used by the companies’ various HR teams
(See my previous blogs talking about the end of the trad intranet).
On the $65 billion question – this stuff is generating money in terms of increased innovation and driving down costs by pooling of buying resources:
Some of the more tangible measures have been hard savings where companies have
joined together to negotiate better terms from suppliers and a rough estimate that 7% to 10% of usage has driven new innovation in the business leading to top- or bottom-line growth.
Be good to get hard ROI figures on this but this study is significant. In sum, social software in the enterprise is transforming the intranet, the way people work and is generating money. We’re going to see a lot more of these types of studies. When it happens it will be what Moore has called the  ‘big whoosh’ – the sound when everyone scrambles to catch up.