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Of Church & Flu – 2 new social media case studies

Social Media Case Study Hot List New Additions

New social media case studies

Flu Shirts – great guerilla case study on SEO and undergoundblackhat tactics: Forums, Twitter and Forbes

My Church – what a good Christian can do with an annual budget of $225 and help in High places:

Website 17,539 unique visitors; 31,529 visitors, 107,726 pageviews YouTube 17,540 views since March 25, 2008 19,288 views Vimeo 3357 views Flickr 71,264 views since November 2007

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Social Media Case Study 4 + 2 Tools

Added to the Social Media Case Study ‘The Hot List’ – 4 new Social Media Case Studies and 2 new tool/app case studies that I found interesting

Bacardi – using Facebook to reach Irish punters and get them drinking Bacardi via a compo. n.b, integration with Facebook API re tagging & photos.

National Express & Silverpop – e-mail marketing in conjunction with social networks – National Express cited (but what about the major TV ad campaign?)

Embarq – conservative telecoms company overcomes the hurdles and battles with negative customer feedback via social media – esp videos (links don’t work – I think the slideshare is to this Slideshare).

Radvision & PixelPoint Press – Corporate blogs, Communities and Twitter (Slideshare)

Publius Project is an effort of Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society – uses Drupal for new portal, replacing WordPress.

Corvu “Control and Community: A Case Study of Enterprise Wiki Usage”. Differentiating between public, team and enterprise Wikis, looks and governance and use of Wiki as KM.

Case Study Enterprise 2.0

Social Media Case Study Updates

Some great new case studies added to the Social Media Case Study: The Hot List:

Kraft iFood assistant on the iPhone – one of the top 100 apps and consumers pay 99c for it…

Novartis – video compo on YouTube (Blog Council, not much info at present)

Dell, Monsanto, iContact, Sabre 4 very different approaches to internal comms and technology.

IBM – Corporate Culture and Social Media – why the culture is so important for success

Must look at how to organise these better!

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‘Origami in the Pusuit of Perfection’ – Mabona Origami & Nordpol+

I’ve just added a case study on Asics Shoe Company by the Blog Council to Social Media Case Study The Hot List. I’m mentioning this one out as it has some fab animation by Nordpol+ and Mabona Origami, really nice:

Origami In the Pursuit of Perfection from MABONA ORIGAMI on Vimeo.

I love the bit about the raw egg dropped from an extreme height…

Communications Enterprise 2.0

2 new video case studies added

New video case studies on Best Buy and their Blue Shirt Nation and Gen Y recruits, plus MGM Grand and Employee Engagement added to Social Media Case Studies The Hot List.


I’m going to start tidying up, collating and providing more info on these case studies in the near future.

Communications Enterprise 2.0 Intranet

Which side of the firewall is hotter?

For something like 15 years much of my online activity and certainly most of my work has taken place inside the firewall. Of late however, I’ve ventured forth and am eagerly talking with those within and beyond the 2.0 pale. There’s a lot of excitement, there’s a lot of chatter and there’s a lot of Twitter.

In this space, some participants get very excited, especially over the new arrivals – it must be like having a favourite secluded holiday spot that suddenly gets found out by everyone, a sort of fear of The Beach 2.0. I think they think the nouveau arrives are tourists whereas they are intrepid explorers of 2.0. Either way there’s a vast amount of activity taking place and I’m sure someone is already working out the carbon emission comparison between sending a Twitter message (a ‘tweet’) and making a cup of tea. Point to note though is that all this is happening externally, it’s in the public sphere.

My prime focus is internal communications and intranets, so what I’m interested in is who does what in the organisation and how to ensure that both mission critical sales messages and information about the strategic business direction gets through to the right people at the right time. Despite the best efforts of some very clever people, it’s an area that’s notoriously difficult to measure. That said, what we’re interested in monitoring is impact on the business – time saved, better productivity, increased innovation, synergy through teamwork, enhanced collaboration and business transformation. The ultimate measure therefore is the bottom line – are we making the business more profitable?

This question started to get me thinking about what goes on outside the firewall and the merry mayhem that is social media today. I’m seeing a lot of messages and discussion about search engines, blogging, video and even music (see the excellent But I ask myself, but, what does this achieve?

Is, and I know how heretical this may sound, is social media outside the firewall truly productive? I guess I can guess some of the answers in terms of wisdom of clouds, tapping into the mindset of consumers and turning that into lucrative products, niche marketing in the long long tail. But, does any of this actually generate wealth? In the firewall we create things and sell them, that’s the business model. Most of what goes on there is invisible. We want at least some privacy, and often we want a lot, confidentiality is important to any business – few, if none can be 100% transparent.

What this means is that we don’t see enough of what’s happening in the most important area of social media – that that’s happening in the firewall. What we do see, is all the white hot discussion about social media in the public sphere. That looks hip cool and funky trendy. But is it really hot?

My contention is that it’s what happens inside the firewall that’s really hottest. It’s for this reason that I’ve started to compile my list of Social Media Case Studies. I think I might call it the ‘Hot List’, as this is where 2.0 is really happening, not ultimately in blogs like this.

True or not? Be very interested in hearing what people think about this…