Enterprise 2.0 Intranet

Enterprise 2.0 Profiles

Just been looking at Shiv Singh’s preso on Web 2.0 and the Enterprise:

There’s a good engagement on it re informality and spontaneity of collaboration at Frogpond. What struck me thought was slide 25 – LinkedIn becomes your Intranet. What a concept, that’s really interesting. I guess the thing to avoid is what Mike Gotta is calling the ‘Potpourri‘ approach to profiling – we don’t want a plethora of the blighters. Mike points out Connect Beam’s Spotlight Connect for Outlook which synchs a profile up with Outlook and LDAP. Now Shiv cites LinkedIn’s APIs and the wonderful stuff being done with them is a site to see – this blog will appear in LinkedIn without me doing owt.
Wouldn’t it be good to have some sort of universal Enterprise 2.0 Profiles API that could draw in profile data from different apps and locations? This could unify and synch up the E 2.0 Profiles and avoid the potpourri pitfall but still use multiple sources of data-guff. It would introduce order and spontaneity at the same time. Always a good mix in my book 😉