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…thank you for your cooperation

It’s been a year since I started this blog The Parallax View and from time to time I get asked if the reference is to Pakula or to Žižek. The answer is a dialectical strain of both. I’ve read too much Jameson to go for any debased attempt to read the totality that is the conspiracy. It’s also as American as apple pie and that for better or for worse, I am not. As for Slavoj, well I like the Left- Hegelian side to his philosophy and while Lacan goes a good way to explain P K Dick, Freud no longer cuts the ice for me. True radicalism would be a Realist and that means some sort of historical cognitive stuff, sort of Bhaskar meets Albert Ellis on a rainy day with a bottle of Jameson’s (Baudrillard’s favourite drink when I met him once).

Anyway, enough name dropping. I did used to be steeped in all that Theory stuff. Now I work with building web site and social media solutions; enterprise social networks (Jive SBS especially) and I watch a lot of movies, often streaming them via a networked media tank. So with movies in mind, here’s a clip to enjoy from the eponymous movie.  And thanks for keeping me amused and of course thank you for your cooperation.