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Popcorn Hour 200 Manual Released at Last!

Popcorn Hour 200 Manual

Been having a lot of fun with a Popcorn Hour 200 Networked Media Tank . I use it to play art house DVDs and started off pumping video files from my PC to it via FTP. Only really worked once I fixed its IP address and allocated it via my Internet Service Provider control panel.

Config details were sketchy and I had to rely on the Networked Media Tank Forum and the Networked Media Tank Wiki. Nonetheless I got it working ok and piped the sound as stereo into a Copland valve preamp and out to a pair of Sonus Faber Concertinos. Sounded fab. Until one clever sod suggested I try 5.1 surround sound.

Even though most the films I watch were made in mono (Bergman didn’t need a subwoofer for Death in the Seventh Seal), I’ve taken the plunge. Have bought a Linn 5103 from eBay and wired it in. Need to get a Linn 5125 to provide the 5 channels.

Currently stuck on the set up but the chap who sold me the 5103, ‘Smudge‘ is providing tip-top support on the audio connect and settings.  I at least will also be much helped by the release of a proper Popcorn Hour 200 C-200 Networked Media Tank manual (at last!). Download the Popcorn Hour 200 Manual from here. (pdf)

Watch this space for next steps…