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Litmus tested

Following on from yesterday’s post about Litmus, The Register gives the launch a right drubbing and observes that Web 2.0 has only just arrived in Slough. Comparing the launch to an aging dad who just so most has to be a hip daddio, the cyberrag august journal opines that the developers want an even wider audience than that provided by the iPhone so they’re:

…prepared to pretend that the aging dad trying to look 20 years younger really is a cutting-edge Web 2.0 company, if it will get them in front of the O2 customer base.

Miaow, pass the vinegar…

Litmus test

A friend asked me yesterday what I thought about Android phones. I explained that as far as I understood it there wasn’t actually an Android phone but it was an operating system for them made by Google. But in any event I hadn’t seen one. I’d seen Nokia SmartPhones, Blackberries and raspberries and even iPhones complete with beer mugs, but I’ve yet to see, hear or touch an Android in any shape or form. T-Mobile have them, but who has one??

Tomorrow sees O2 launching their Litmus site for mobile App developers. I can understand the need to ensure that any apps integrate securely into the o2 network, but the big Q for me is just how interoperable their APIs are. Could for example an app made for Litmus work on an iPhone or on me Nokia on Vodafone? That’s what I want and it doesn’t take a litmus test for that. Grumpiness aside, the Litmus site is fun and I like their ethos, at least on screen:

If you participate in O2 Litmus with an open mind and sense of community it will be a richly rewarding experience to see an app grow and improve through this process.

More guff on the project can be found on Venture Beat.