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Mathemagenic: Blogs are Hybrids

Very good post from Lilia Efimova on Blogs – Publishing vs. Interaction: blog networking study: publishing vs. interaction

Elia argues that Blogs are a hybrid between the 2, allowing the means to communicate and interact simultaneously:

Blogging as personal publishing is about broadcasting to broad and often unknown audiences allowing efficient communication, while blogging as interaction is about engagement with specific others that builds shared understanding and enables bonding. While those two functions result in positioning blogging as a hybrid genre….

Hybridity is one of those sticky terms that will for me be always associated with Post-colonialism and writers such as Homi BhabhaStuart HallGayatri Spivak, and Paul Gilroy. This concept in Blogs is one to ponder as I think there’s a rich seam of information and sociality present…

Hybridity on Wikipedia