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Volcano as driver of enterprise social innovation

Watching the events unfurl and listening to the birdsong in the morning in a plane-free West London has started to get me thinking about the impact of this volcano thing on social innovation and social software in the enterprise. I was part of a big shift in social software use in corporate-ville at the end of the boom where e-learning software such as the online classroom transmogrified into online meetings. The driver then was cost – cut down air travel at all costs.

A similar impetus is present with the suspension of flights in Europe. So some thoughts on the impact of enterprise social networks.

  • Enterprise social network and related software – online meetings, video conferencing and TelePresence used to overcome the lack of flights.
  • Work based networks connect up stranded employees -shows importance of software in crisis management
  • Work based networks connect up stranded employees – self help networks formed
  • Up to date info and help/discussion for stranded employees – shows how enterprise social networks overcomes issue of swamped out call centres and ‘your call is important to us’ situations
  • Mustering / accounting for people – networks can account for people (possible geo location additions)

Just some first thoughts as I work on a preso, what other impacts, uses or knock-on effects might there be?