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ROI as ‘Risk of Ignoring’

I rather liked Mediaphyter, aka Jennifer Leggio’s blog in ZDNET yesterday, 10 Fortune 500 companies doing social media right.Here, she lists out comments from the movers and shakers in 10 American giants. My favourite quote is from Polly Pearson (no relation) of EMC:

“I tend to think of ROI in this case as “Risk of Ignoring.”  If you are a high tech company that prides itself on innovation, being responsive to customers and providing its employees the freedom of a start up with the brand strength of an industry leader, are you supporting that identity by avoiding social media?  I believe the real measure will be in opportunity lost.”
Polly Pearson, vice president of employment brand and strategy

While there’s a long term consensus amongst the bloggers that says ‘avoiding 2.0 = business loss’ it’s interesting to see this chime with comments from within the big corporations. And OK, so whilst EMC have some very large offices down the road from where I live, I wonder how long it will be before we can see a FTSE 100 list with the top half dozen, and I also wonder which industry sectors we will see them in.