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Updated: Social Media Inside the Firewall Roll-out Best Practice

I’m putting some  materials together on “Social Media Inside the Firewall Roll-out Best Practice.”  This is part of my new role where I’m consulting/managing a Jive Software based pilot at a big energy company.

I’ve been compiling my notes and gleaning some online research. These are my fave bookmarks so far:

Best Enterprise 2.0 Launch Ever? Penn State’s ThoughtFarmer Roll-out

Eight Competencies to Socializing Your Organization

New study: Deep brand engagement correlates with financial performance

A checkpoint on Web 2.0 in the enterprise

Ten top issues in adopting enterprise social computing

Enterprise 2.0: Social Software on Intranets

Social Media Handbook for Local Red Cross Units

A Wiki of Social Media Marketing Examples

Intel’s Enterprise Social Computing Strategy Revealed

Six Steps to Company Wide Adoption (Social Text)

Six Steps to Successful Enterprise Collaboration Implementation (Open Text pdf)


Social Media: Embracing the Opportunities, averting the risks (Russell Herder & Ethos Business Law)

Sun Microsystems encourages employees to blog

Social software in a corporate context – BT

Using social media to save time

The CIA wiki project for capturing collective knowledge

Web 2.0-savvy teachers testing old assumptions

Yakabod offers enterprise 2.0 adoption best practices

Hope you find them as useful as I did. Thanks to those who helped with suggestions here. Any more always appreciated.

I’ll do a post on the actual best practice notes in early September…Darwin willing.