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Flickr Tags, it’s made of People! It’s The Dog’s….

I liked the new tag people feature in Flickr:

To add someone to a photo, you can either type in the member’s name, much like you’d add a tag, or you can draw a face boundary on the photo, as with a note. People in Photos has been wired into your Recent Activity, so you’ll always be up to date with who’s added you to a photo or added other members to your photos.


So it connects people up, which of course people like. But what if we could do the same with people and their documents in the corporation? Rather than  tagging as part of an application, what about  a tagging machine as a sort of electronic Enterprise 2.0 sticky note system? I could take a digital object – picture, video, document and add the sticky note to it with my scribbles. This would then connect up to others similarly tagged just like current tagging systems.


  • It would have to be present at the point of consumption and distribution – so we can add the sticky tag at any point in the collaboration change – little notes added in its journey.
  • This would free float the systems and provide ubiquitous tagging across the enterprise and beyond.
  • It would be easy, simple, fun and add instant value, much like sticky notes do in real life

All it needs is a catchy name. I think following IBM’s Dogear, it should be called the DogsBollx as that’s what it is. The reason is this – it could provide the means for a dynamic and used system of tagging for a working and evolving folksonomy as part of the Enterprise 2.0 infrastructure.