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Just did a quick check on the Twitority of the term ‘Internal Communications’ on Twitter. Of dubious merit methinks- firstly, for a quirk of data, I actually get a mention because of my Top 10 Internal Communications people to follow on Twitter; but hardly any of that list who should be there, actually make it directly into the Twitority posting. But, saving grace, @csaba81 does get mentioned in dispatches and he certainly has genuine authority not to mention generosity, in the sphere of internal comms and Twitter.

I know this was knocked together quickly in reponse to a post from Loic, but hey ho, it still produced some questionable results:


For more seasoned analysis of Twitority and Authority see:

Communications Enterprise 2.0

Top 10 Internal Comms / 2.0 Twitter List???

There’s a great post on TwiTip called Construct your own ‘Top 10 Must Follow’ List as it relates to your own Niche”.

Which is what I’ve done: my niche is internal comms and all thangs 2.0 and I’ve found some of the key players on Twitter. 

‘Ten People all Internal Communicators Should Follow on Twitter’

But it’s not up to scratch at all, as I’ve only got 6 peeps. So who else should be there?

Update: I’ve started a page as a more permanent list…

If there’s someone left out, let me know…