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Why content strategy only tells half the story

Some interesting tweets yesterday drew my interest to the content strategy discussion. See for example Content strategy is, in fact, the next big thing & Why Brands are Becoming Media. But, as is often the case this is only half the story. Why so? Well the focus in only on the social media market side, the brand as an external entity. The debate doesn’t cover the internal conversations, the internal brand, the social intranet. It’s not holistic. Not yet.

This line of thinking led me to 3 conclusions:

1) If a large enterprise (say 20K + people)  is serious about creating a content strategy, it needs to commit resources across the company. It can’t just be a marketing or branding exercise. It can’t just be social media marketing.

2) This means connecting up the brand and marketing teams with corporate and internal communications, & the .com and the intranet teams and potentially too, also aspects of the business including sales and product development.

3) To do this the enterprise needs an enterprise social network. You can’t connect these people up without social software.

Now here’s the rub. In making this commitment and doing all of this, the enterprise becomes social. It changes as a business. The roles change too. Something different emerges and evolves.

It’s for these types of reasons, that I see enterprise social software as business transforming.