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Social Media Managers in demand, well in the USA…

Readwriteweb stats - click to view

The readwriteweb has stats showing web 2.0 managers in hot demand, despite the downturn. They reckon that both marketing and social media firms are hiring and personal recommendations are key to the process.

Top of this they say is that “community managers are hot”. But who are these chods? Here’s the rww definition:

A community manager is someone who communicates with a company’s users/customers, development team and executives and other stake holders in order to clarify and amplify the work of all parties. They probably provide customer service, highlight best use-cases of a product, make first contact in some potential business partnerships and increase the public visibility of the company they work for. (source)

That sounds almost like an internal comms manager / business development manager hybrid. But I wonder how it correlates in the UK. Must confess what data I have is slight and what I’ve seen, not encouraging. However a PR Week article sent to me via LinkedIn looks promising:

There is mounting evidence that internal comms is proving resilient to the economic turmoil that is beginning to hit other parts of the PR industry.

Be interested to hear of any more substantial data for the UK.