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7 Social Media Case Studies Updates + Staff Guidelines!

Some brand spanking new social media case studies added to the Social Media Case Study Hot List and a link to a blog with 40 Social Media Staff Guidelines!

BBC and Blogs – How they are central to what the BBC does. Full report needs subscription at: iFirst, but article interesting.

Urbane Apartments – using social media to reach ‘millenials’. No one cared about Urbane so they went for it with Facebook, MySpace, blogs, Flickr, Twitter etc and it worked. – not really social media but worthwhile study on increasing subscriptions by mix of free and paid for (yes do keep the free stuff pleeze!)

Paganum Farmer’s Market – showing how a very traditional sector, UK farming can use social media to increase sales with Twitter, Facebook and blogs

1:10 Protect the Human – Amnesty International’s social media awareness and action campaign for International Women’s Day to stop violence against women. Blogs, Flickr, YouTube, Bebo, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace.

Freemium and Corey Smith – short but sweet on how Mr Smith gives away his music on his site and sales go up as a result on iTunes

Guidelines and Governance

40 Social Media Staff Guidelines – Laurel Papworth has compiled a mega list of staff guidelines on social media. 40 ways to avoid HR-Hot water!

Case Study Enterprise 2.0

Motorola and TransUnion Social Media Case Studies added

2 new case studies added to the Case Study Hot List:

TransUnion – SocialText using SocialText as Wiki and IM in an environment with SharePoint. Best aspect – question asking to groups. Claimed total savings of $5-8M. Hard data on this would be v useful – savings can be slippery – real earnings or benefits are far harder to show…

Motorola’s Intranet 2.0 IT success “70,000 people using it every day, including partners. The company now has 4,400 blogs and 4,200 wiki pages and uses, among other technologies, social bookmarking and tagging by Scuttle and social networking by Visible Path.” 

“I don’t beat Nokia or Cisco or Siemens by having better buildings or shinier cafeterias. Companies are human beings solving problems or responding to crises by working with each other. If you can make your company less of a top-down company at a higher speed than your competition, you have just kicked their butts.” 

Motorola VP Toby Redshaw. 

Case Study Enterprise 2.0

4 Hot new sexy social media case studies

Doritos Positive Brand Hijacking – It takes 2 to Tango and Doritos prove this by encouraging slow sexy dancing, in the streets, plus 33 Facebook Groups, 20,000 members, 240 blogs, 200,000 views on YouTube plus $600K media!

Dell make the Word of Mouth Marketing book – ya, ya, ya, Dell hear bad things on a blog, eventually put things right. (I bought HP after buying Dell and ringing customer support.)

Dell and Twitter – update on continuing sales and Twitter featuring a compo to drive them even higher. (Are peeps mad?)

Twitter as a scalability case study. This is cool and different – it’s about Twitter’s architecture and well techie. I like it.


All added to the Hot List – and I will sort this out into a more complete and searchable resource

Case Study Enterprise 2.0

New Social Media Case Studies

Newly added to Social Media Case Studies the Hot List – I really must sort this list out soon!

Namecheap O’Reilly study on using Twitter to drive sales not really social media but good article on usability and doubling conversion rates by using ClickTale to gather the right data and making changes to forms

No Reservations / SnapMyLife – neat study on using mobile photo sharing to keep a TV show’s audience engaged

Schindler’s ‘Killer Elavators’ not really a case study but a very good example of where open communications using social media inside and outside the corporation would be kind of useful

Barack Obama Strategy Slideshare on the Obama campaign – neat round up of what was used when and by whom in the campaign

Australian Bushfires humanity at its best and most ugliest – Twitter, mashups and mobs on Facebook

Webinars and lead generation. Are they worth the effort? Yes! Says Eric Glazer and he has numbers to back it up

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New Social Media Case Studies added

The Rose Project – Dublin based not-for-profit using Twitter and Blogs to help support charity work in Africa

TriWest Healthcare Alliance  – e-mail/video campaign raises awareness with over 1 million people watching video on support for troops. 1st use of social media by TriWest – raising $ with social media. an enquiry via Twitter starts global viral web campaign to bring home the bacon

IZEA Kmart use whole range of Social Media Marketing tools/platforms inc Twitter and A-List bloggers to get their message through and raise brand awareness. Good range of metrics to back it up.

CoffeeGroundz Mr Tweet shows off how Twitter doubled the clientele in a Houston coffee shop

Carnival Cruise Lines using Facebook, Twitter and Flickr to build brand and customer loyalty

Get them all at Social Media Case Studies – the Hot List

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Social Media Case studies project

A new page posted starting a list of Social Media Case studies – an ongoing project which I plan to update regularly.

Case Study list so far covers Web 2.0 / Enterprise 2.0 @







The Home Depot

Kaiser Permanente





British Telecom


Hooman TV

Dwell on Design

British Airways and Open Skies

Breaking Point


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