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Career Renegade and nimble competitors

Career RenegadeFab, just had an e-mail from Eruditor to say that Johnathan Fields’ book “Career Renegade: How to Make a Great Living Doing What You Love” is whistling its way over from the land of America. This was recommended by Chris Brogan recently and I’m looking forward to a ‘good read’.


First time I’ve used Eruditor and they seem efficient. The book turns up in Amazon but is out of stock. More nimble and agile competitors are able to deliver. Funny how the once great progressives such as Amazon fall victim to their own success and cease to be in the vanguard. Seen all the more in more detail with Amazon’s paltry example of customer service with their lapsidaisical satellite Lovefilm.com and the degeneration of large swathes of their digital stock.

Cloudy thinking & clever data

Souce: Dion Hinchcliffe

I find the following worthy of a scribble so I don’t forget,

Amazon’s use of APIs is making its network traffic rocket¬†

Microsoft has lost a top data center nerd to Amazon

Amazon has launched an elastic cloud

Amazon is building a giant new datacenter near a big dam

Google already has one

Microsoft’s Azure is a service living in their data centers and on the net

There’s no standard OS for clouds

The code needs to live somewhere and that where has laws

It’s all hype

The Q for me though is this – what happens to clouds if the network itself gets a bit smarter?