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Universal Widget: Byzantine routers made of clockwork

Blogging platforms it seems to me, are currently like a 1,000 different networks where connections are made, are possible and obviously happen but appear to be made by the equivalent of Byzantine routers made of clockwork. Where is the easy synchronisation between blogs, so that when I hop from one propriety platform and another I can seamlessly connect? I can use Disqus on some sites but not on others and while Euan Semple speaks of Typepad Connect as a way forward, will it work here? And also, what of communities: if there’s a community of visitors on one blog will it, or I, appear elsewhere?

Interesting to think of what a Universal Widget might be, a sort of Remote 2.0 that works across all sites and platforms and even works the TV too…

30 Day Tail?

Of note if one believes in synchronicity is that fact that at the same time as I join The 30 Day Challenge, a trimumph of Long-tailism, with its aim of generating $10 in the said same days, then Wired Ed Chris Anderson admits that Tailism isn’t quite as sound as he thought. Or, as The Register puts it, Anderson downgrades Long Tail to Chocolate Teapot status.

Be that as it may. I’m going to try The 30 Day Challenge and see what it brings forth. It looks rather fortuitous to me…

Back to the Tail, this tidy little essay contrasting empirical data with the theory is pertinent, The Long Fail: Web 2.0’s faith meets the facts. ‘In God I trust, all others bring data’ comes to mind. Back firmly in the Real World, the data in makes sombre reading: Tech layoffs: The scorecard.