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Working Out Loud, Working Allowed!

I forgot to thank my colleagues in the Social Business Council for recent inspiration. We have a catch-phrase of ‘Working out Loud’ which Bryce Williams coined as so:

Working Out Loud   =   Observable Work   +   Narrating Your Work

When will we Work Out Loud? Soon!

I guess I’ve always done this to some extent – this blog can be a bit of a jotter of dropping ideas into as it’s all too easy to get and then forget a good idea, or to simply work away inside a megacorp and one’s work not get seen by the outside, wider world.

The more recent spur to action was from fellow councillee John Stepper who draws on Bryce’s work and formulates working out loud as a ‘personal content strategy ‘ and as free career insurance‘.

For me there’s also a redemptive and liberational aspect to this. I’ve kept this to myself until now, but it’s the concept of ‘working allowed’ and actually saying what one thinks. That is after all what the power of social is all about. We can express ourselves (nothing new there of course), but also share ideas in a global, near synchronous way (or asynchronously and respond many months later), and above all to learn and develop.

Thanks guys!

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