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The value of social business – IBM report

social business value

New IBM report out, The Business of Social Business. Here’s the headlines on the value of social business:

Three key areas where businesses invest:

  • Customer experience
  • Employee productivity
  • Innovation
For value to be realised in that customer experience, the organisation needs to increasingly become increasingly social, where the aim is to: “Fuse the external company brand with the internal corporate culture to create a consistent customer experience at all touch points.”


As the external and internal brand become unified – creating an holistic customer experience, collaboration across the firewall, uniting the customer community, the internal employee community and the creation of new products becomes central. Transparency and expertise location is key. Both data and people need to be findable. It’s this fusion and connect, between the customer and employee that drives and informs innovation.

To achieve this:

  • Collaborative tools need to be integrated into day to day business activities.
  • Innovation needs to be structured and plannned
  • Leaders need to communicate the big picture (and bridge the middle manager issue)

Social data is central to informing decisions. Analytics can be used to draw together traditional and social; hard and soft information.

Risk needs managing – brand, data leakage, employee behaviour, legal, security, privacy etc need planning, not after thought: “Successful companies identify potential exposures, proactively involve the right experts and develop risk management plans.”

Change management needs to nimble and to use the same social tools it tries to  promote, whilst still retaining traditional change management processes. People need to be engaged, the inertia of the middle layer needs to be overcome. Narratives and the big picture are how we know where we are going.

There we go, that’s how it’s done! RP

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