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A couple of interesting implementation guides on deploying Social Business technology / Enterprise 2.0 have come out recently. The first is from AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management), who are often big advocates for using Microsoft’s SharePoint platform as the social platform. The second is from IBM (please see below)

AAIM take an 8 step approach:











IBM take a similar approach using what they describe as an ‘Agenda’ framework:


IBM AGENDA framework for the Social Business

I particularly like the way IBM see the importance of embedding the social technologies into business process while keeping it relatively simple: the core concepts are networking, transparency and agility. They the say combine to create:

An effective social business embodies a culture characterized by sharing, transparency, innovation, and improved decision making. Such a culture enables deeper relationships with customers and business partners. This culture encourages people to document and share their knowledge and ideas with others, so that everyone can recognize, refine, and improve those ideas and content.

The key question for me here is this – how useful are these in practice, can they be used as literal guides or as handy sign-posts? My take is more the latter, but I do think that these are very useful starters.

The guides are free and can be downloaded here:

Social Business Roadmap

Using IBM Social Business to Take Your Business Relationships to the Next Level: A Game Changer for Small, Medium, and Large Business


3 replies on “Social Business Roadmaps & Guides”

Thanks for posting these two guides/roadmaps in one place Russell.

I agree that these can be used as sign posts, but neither qualifies as either a strategy or a plan.

Both roadmaps, but especially IBM’s AGENDA, really present a way to think about it. If social business implementors have examined and understand these guides they have a much better chance of crafting effective strategies and plans for rolling out new ways of working with new tools.

Thank you. And yes I agree. After I’d posted this one I questioned whether I’d actually added anything new myself, but I think the act of sharing and making aware is often enough! These are practical and useful guides. Jive have also punished some internal materials too by Gia Lyons, I think I’ll work at drawing out the top points from the 3.

Well done here! It is good to know these social business maps because it can also help online marketers progress their techniques on employing social networking sites on their internet marketing. Thanks for sharing!

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