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Canon’s superb 3D info architecture

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Timur Civan’s adventures with a 102 year old lens and a modern Canon 5 mkII in Wired this week. Civan has popped a lens from a ollensak 35mm F5.0 Cine-Velostigmat added it to the DSLR with spectacular results – we get a superb time-warp vision of contemporary New York, sent back a century. Very PK Dick.

The piece stood out for me as I’ve just bought a rather more modest camera in the Canon range the 550D. This is not my first foray into digital photography but it is my first in digital SLR and I’m transfixed. I’ve a steep learning curve ahead and busy reading through the manuel and getting my bonce around how it all work.

What I’ve been struck by is how well thought out and how well laid out are the controls and display. Canon have created a 3D information architecture and it’s nothing less than superb. I really like the ergonomics and they way that my brain, eyes and fingers can access the information and settings needed with rapidity and flexibility.

And what a pity most intranets don’t take a few leafs out of Canon’s book and make theirs as usable. But then, anyone know what Canon’s intranet itself is actually like…?

102 Year-Old Lens on Canon 5D MkII

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