Enterprise 2.0

The Oracle Answers

There was a great response to my blog from Andrew Gilboy @andrewgilboy on Oracle’s European Oracle Enterprise 2.0 Group on LinkedIn. They are indeed taking a 2.0 approach as Andrew explains:

“As far as centralised command and control, what I really meant was the application of standards and foresight to implement scalable architectures. The Internet is based on standards and furthermore YouTube, Twitter, Slideshare have become de-facto application standards as the scale of Internet and the winner take all dynamic means that all others become redundant. I don’t think this is the case in Enterprises where competing solutions and approaches proliferate within different departments, geographies etc and tactical solutions persist rather than die. That is the meaning I was hoping to convey.”

You can read the full reply here, you’ll need to join the Group first though.

Read my original squib.

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