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Yammer + SharePoint = agility

Further to my post yesterday when I mentioned SharePoint 2010 and their slow upgrade path (one every 3 years or so). This means they have to plan in advance and can miss opportunities or new technologies arriving. When I went to see them at their UK HQ at Reading they admitted that microblogging was just such a feature of this slow process – i.e., they didn’t have it.

Lo and behold, Microsoft and Yammer announce integration, of sorts, Yammer:

“Yammer users will now be able to put a Yammer feed on “virtually any SharePoint page” and post to Yammer from different areas within Sharepoint. MOSS users will be able to view Yammer messages alongside Sharepoint search results.”

So MOSS too and not only SP2010. This approach of Yammer and SharePoint could overcome that lack of nimbleness I noted. It potentially opens a way for SharePoint to become more 2.0 in terms of being able to mash together more agile and social tools like Yammer. Even more so as BPOS as ideal platform for Yammer SharePoint at work together.

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