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Social Media Balanced Scorecard II

Just some notes on how to make a Social Media Balanced Scorecard using an IT Balanced Scorecard model from Forrester:

Goal Forrester’s IT IT Candidate Metrics
Alignment Ensure alignment of IT & the Business % Projects linked to Business Objectives % IT Budget to new initiatives
Increase Revenue Inc revenue of enterprise or BU Revenues from new products or distribution channels
Reduce Costs Reduce through cuts or productivity % reduction
Improve Customer Experience Increase revenue per customer Customer retention, share of wallet, satisfaction
Control IT Budget Manage IT budget IT Budget vs actual IT Budget as % of actual IT Budget per FTE
Project ROI All projects to have financial justification & return value Sum of all project ROIs
Manage Risk Reduce costs associated with risks Number of security incidents per Q
Number of systems covered by security plan

This provides the format and structure for social media scorecard.

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