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4 Hot new sexy social media case studies

Doritos Positive Brand Hijacking – It takes 2 to Tango and Doritos prove this by encouraging slow sexy dancing, in the streets, plus 33 Facebook Groups, 20,000 members, 240 blogs, 200,000 views on YouTube plus $600K media!

Dell make the Word of Mouth Marketing book – ya, ya, ya, Dell hear bad things on a blog, eventually put things right. (I bought HP after buying Dell and ringing customer support.)

Dell and Twitter – update on continuing sales and Twitter featuring a compo to drive them even higher. (Are peeps mad?)

Twitter as a scalability case study. This is cool and different – it’s about Twitter’s architecture and well techie. I like it.


All added to the Hot List – and I will sort this out into a more complete and searchable resource

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[…] has shared 4 new case studies that showcase some big steps taken by Dell in the word of mouth and Twitter arena. From having one of the worst customer service in the biz, they utilized social media to 180 their image and now are a great model on how companies should use social media to reach out to customers. Also, we take a look at how one commercial by Doritos exploded into a online social media event. Last is a look at Twitter as a scalability case study. […]

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