The Chiswick Gardener – gardening on an iPod

I’ve recently set up a blogging site for a friend of mine – The Chiswick Gardener. The site’s owner Andrew does what it says on the tin – garden maintenance, gardening and gardens in Chiswick and the surrounds of W4. The site uses a standard WordPress template and I’ve installed YAPB – Yet Another Photo Blog to manage the photographs.¬†

thechiswickgardenerThere are literally hundreds of photos available for the site and to get the site started I’ve just uploaded a handful to begin with. And this photographic aspect is where its potential is already demonstrated. Yesterday I visited High Road House with Andrew and he was able to showcase the site on his iPod using the House’s free¬†private members’ WiFi. This was something to see, an epiphany for me. I’d seen the site as a portfolio of gardening work done for people in Chiswick but I hadn’t quite seen the mobile potential.

What I realised sitting in the subterranean rooms at the House was that this site provides a mobile digital portfolio of Andrew’s work. So long as there’s a WiFi connection, and most of Chiswick High Road has that, Andrew can connect up to the net and showcase his work.¬†looks great on an iPod – the colours of the gardens comes through brilliantly and one gets a real sense of the work done – even in a completely windowless underground room.

In one of the predictions for 2009 someone mentions mobile broadband overtaking wired. I cannot comment on the logistics here but I can now see the transformative nature of this. Everyday items such as an iPod become connected cultural artifacts, showcases of a life and works, as well as annoying music devices…

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