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It’s Grrrout! A positive side to the Crunch

geet @ B3ta
geet @ B3ta

A good friend of mine in the tiles business reports a positive side to the Credit Crunch – he’s actually being nice to his customers. What’s more he reports a healthy sale of floor and wall tiles, despite the obvious belt-tightening in the general marketplace.

My theory on this is that people can’t sell their homes due to the general shortage of mortgages and are making their existing places as nice as possible. Either that or they’re enjoying being entertained by a friendly tiles seller!

Interested now in how we might use the current climate to advance opportunities in the tile business. Selling high-quality tiles online has remarkable difficulties due to the uniqueness, fragility and weight of the best tiles. This is a market that remains undeveloped though so plenty of room for thought there.

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