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Windows Live Groups: Battle of the Cloud

Following on from my post about Seaport.exe, one of Microsoft’s Live Writer software developers Joe Cheng has been in touch. Joe’s Whatever blog covers Live Writer in development and action and looking at the screenshots and integration with Twitter maybe I should give it another go. Joe also left a link to a blog on Windows Live Groups: and the screenshots / descriptions look impressive too. Readwriteweb says this is all about integration of our digital lives and yup don’t we need it. I’m going to explore a bit more as this whole area looks very tasty. The Battle of the Cloud is shaping up nicely in the social media, UI as well as Search space.

3 replies on “Windows Live Groups: Battle of the Cloud”

Joe, there’s so many angry bods there! It does make more sense with that article – I do think your guys at Microsoft are missing a trick by not being as communicative as you are.

Seaport.exe – no no no no no.
I’ve nuked the whole install of MS Live
goodies, I’m not prepared to allow MS to
install crap that I don’t want, or indeed ask for.

Bad MS.

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