Enterprise 2.0

Benefits of Open Source

Whilst I’m by no means a techie, I do enjoy delving a little deeper than maybe most and so I’ve spent a good part of yesterday setting up some new server space with This has meant registering a new .com (more of which later, perhaps) and setting up the server space. I’ve a hosted copy of WordPress (2.6.5) installed and also image libraries from Gallery and Coppermine. There’s also Joomla running too. Not bad work for a tyro like me. 

Next hurdle is getting the server space to point to WordPress as the homepage. I’ve looked at the Manuel on.htaccess  and it doesn’t seem to match what I’m seeing in my directories, plus I’ve no idea how to provide write permissions. A bit more work needed to get this going, or nip round to tech support a friend round the corner, with the issues.

Overall I’m more than pleased with the progress so far and feel very grateful for all the hard work that the Open Source guys have done to provide so much freely available software. A big thanks from me there. There’s a lot more flexibility and options available to me now. Onwards and upwards…

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