Simon Crompton writes of finding a real cobblers in London in the Men’s Flair blog. There are others about – here’s one in the west of London of eponymous name:

Chiswick Cobbler 9 Turnham Green Terrace
Chiswick Cobbler 9 Turnham Green Terrace

On a recent visit to Regent Street the Church’s Shoes shop was of interest. Word on the ground in Npton is that Church’s shoes were ‘dumbed down’ when they were taken over by Prada.

I still recall the days of old, when due to a good friend of mine being lucky enough to have a close relative working at their factory, we used to enjoy getting seconds for around £23 a pair. My friend still has a store of vintage mint brogues, plus quite a few that a more than worn in. Legend has it that Church’s still offer a lifetime repair on their shoes, provided no other cobbler has worked on them. I’d like to see this guarantee enacted at the Regent’s Street store, just to see if it’s still true, or is just a load of Old Cobblers

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